Best of the Best Practices

The Best of the Best Practices
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In Chapter 2 of The Ultimate Guide to the SDLC, 12 historical system development models, both agile and waterfall based, are compared as well as one hybrid and one philosophy. The best practices from each model are extracted and extrapolated into a best of best practices model. None of the Waterfall or Agile models provide a single development solution that can be used across the gamut of system development needs. The models compared in Chapter 2 include:

Waterfall Variants

  • Classic Waterfall first described by Dr. Winston Royce in 1970
  • Modified Waterfall proposed by Dr. Royce in 1970
  • Spiral Model, Dr. Barry Boehme, 1986
  • Vee-Model (both US and Germany versions), 1991
  • Dual Vee, Fosberg and Mooz, 2005
  • Incremental Commitment Model (Waterfall/Agile Hybrid), Drs. Barry Boehme and Jo Ann Lane, 2006

Agile Variants

  • Rapid Application Development, 1991
  • Scrum, 1991
  • Crystal, 1992
  • Extreme Programming (XP), 1995
  • Dynamic Systems Development Model (DSDM), 1995
  • Lean (philosophy), 2003

The study concludes that a best of best practices model will be of the hybrid variety. IT Governance and the value proposition fit best within a waterfall framework. System development and quality assurance fit best in an agile framework. The Ultimate Guide to the SDLC blends the best of the best practices from these 12 models into a single comprehensive model that most assuredly evolves an organizations process maturity from ability to capability. For your convenience, the comparison chart is reproduced below.

Best of the Best Practices
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